Margaret Judson
Margaret Judson
Key Information
Character Tess Westin
First episode "We Just Decided To"
Last episode "The Greater Fool"
Credits 8 episodes (see below)

Margaret Judson is an American actress. She plays Tess Westin in the HBO series The Newsroom. She is a recurring co-star in the first season and debuts in the pilot "We Just Decided To". The Newsroom is her first screen credit.

Margaret Judson was found by Aaron Sorkin in the MSNBC Studios, where she worked as Keith Olbermann's assistant. She provides insight into the workings of the newsroom and functions as a consulting producer in The Newsroom.



Season 1 credits
"We Just Decided To" "News Night 2.0" "The 112th Congress" "I'll Try to Fix You" "Amen"
"Bullies" ""5/1"" ""The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn"" "The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate" "The Greater Fool"

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