Leona Lansing is the owner of the Atlantis Media Group and Atlantic Cable News (ACN), the network that airs News Night. Her son Reese Lansing is the president of ACN.


November 2010Edit

Reese and Leona are angry about the News Night program's direction. Leona is irked by her network alienating the rising political powers among the Tea Party with their coverage because of their potential to influence her business. Reese has a ratings expert link the show's coverage to declining ratings in a meeting with Charlie Skinner. Charlie argues that it is their duty to expose shortcomings and prejudice among their leaders. Leona warns him that she will fire Will if the problems persist. Charlie shields the News Night team from the ire of the corporation. ("The 112th Congress")

Behind the scenesEdit

Leona Lansing is a recurring character in the first season. She is played by guest star Jane Fonda.


Season 1
"We Just Decided To" "News Night 2.0" "The 112th Congress" "I'll Try to Fix You" "Amen"
"Bullies" "5/1" "The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn" "The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate" "The Greater Fool"
Season 2
"First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers" "The Genoa Tip" "Willie Pete" "Unintended Consequences" "News Night with Will McAvoy"
"One Step Too Many" "Red Team III" "Election Night, Part I" "Election Night, Part II"
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